The Second Enlightenment



Book II

QUANTUM RELIGION: The Good News of Rising Consciousness
by Sylvester L. Steffen
Published in 2003, available from AuthorHouse

    Energetic "quantum relativity," embodied and encoded in cosmic rationality, communicates intuitively in all of nature. Quantum-electric relativity is the "rosetta" code of spirit/matter (theology) and of ritual behavior (religion). Consciousness is electrical sensitivity encoded in matter. A superficial reading and interpretation of the cosmos easily obfuscate the natural and subtle codes of communication, which makes consciousness self-aware. Superficial reading and obfuscation give rise to misinformed consciousness, these flaw self-awareness. In myths, for example, only informed glimpses of consciousness surface and not the whole of cosmic complexity. Quantum theology (belief/learning) is cosmic rationality in process. Faith premised in partial and misinformed consciousness produces misdirected religion, and actions born of partially informed faith/consciousness may prove to be destructively harmful over time. Getting right the intuitive sense of consciousness in the Sacrament of Natural Order (naturalis sacramentum ordinis) obviates self-injury and sets human relationships in conscionably right directions.
    The Jesuit Theologian Avery Dulles, S.J., (see his August 5, 1967, article "Faith Come of Age") has perceptively likened the maturing process of faith (Church) to the process of natural, human maturing. Maturing is in three stages, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is Father (now Cardinal) Dulles' sense that in America around the late 1930s, Catholicism began to emerge from childhood/adolescence, for it was until then "the hereditary faith of isolated ethnic groups in ghetto situations." Mature faith comes of age with the maturity of adult rationality. Maturity carries with it the gradual, rational reconciliation of modern secularity's need for critical thinking and of Catholicism's demand for obedience to its authority. Faith and reason together interpret consciously the codes of vital relativity. In coming to maturity, faith and reason coalesce seamlessly in self-reflective consciousness. The seamless rationality of age and experience is wisdom. Seventy years later, it is now unsure how far (Church) faith has gotten in its struggle to come of age, for as Father Dulles realizes, "To reconcile traditional Catholicism with modern secularity is proving difficult indeed."
    Perhaps until the code of the quantum-electric "rosetta stone" is cracked, the maturing of faith will continue to be stymied. The book QUANTUM RELIGION tackles the cracking (at least identifying the nature) of the code of quantum relativity as its rationality comes to be expressed in the evolutionary relationship of Reason, Faith and Purpose. The sorry arrogance of institutional patriarchy, in the dogmatizing of God's unfinished dialog, is theologically a sin of mortal proportion and of historical and catastrophic calculation. Its warrant is nothing less than the attempted shutdown of intuitional rationality.
    Advancing together on parallel tracks, matter (prescriptive nature) and spirit (open consciousness) can and must acquiesce to mutual accommodation in the passenger coach of essential continuity. Prescriptive male exclusiveness must yield to intuitive female inclusiveness if the train is to avoid continuing and more consequential derailments. Getting civilization back on track may begin with a fair minded synthesis of the luminary thought (wisdom) of great and near contemporaries, and with the bridging of the divisions between old, partially informed, and now unworkable worldviews, and fresher, better informed new worldviews.
Avery Dulles, S.J., Faith Come of Age, Theology for Today, AMERICA, A Jesuit magazine, Vol. 184 No. 7, Whole No. 4519, March 5, 2001, reprinted on pg 15.